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Recording of user activities

All actions and activities of all users on the pc are recorded
Kullanıcı aktivite kayıtları

You can record user usage activities

Thanks to Easyuac, you can record the user movements of all users using the PC, which we call activity. Activities such as how long users stay on which screen, which screen they switch to next, and waiting times on these screens are recorded in the easyuac system. Incredibly different data arises where you record the daily activities and actions of the employees or any computer user. By testing our software, they declared that, in the feedback we received from users, they saw that some unexpected users were busy with incredibly different jobs during the day and they were very surprised. With this kind of software, you can get very detailed information about what all users are interested in during working hours.

You can watch the user activity records from any device and place. Even if the opposite pc is turned off. You can use all the features of the program free of charge for 14 days.

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