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Pc screen recordings

Screens of all PCs are continuously recorded
Pc ekran kayıtları

Recording of computer screens

Easyuac With the application, you can record the screens of the PCs in your entire computer network. You can access historical screen recordings from any device you want at any time. Screen recordings are taken and stored in encrypted form within the periods you specify. Some of these stored images (every 90 seconds) are recorded in the cloud system and you can access these images from the cloud system whenever you want, even if the PCs are off.

You can easily access the captured screen recordings even if the opposite pc is turned off, thanks to the cloud-based structure of Easyuac. You can access all images and data by logging into the system from any browser, just like checking your mails, without having to install any application for the host computer or the administrator. You can use all the features of our program free of charge for 14 days.

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