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Special windows restrictions

You can apply special windows restrictions on PCs
Windows kısıtlamaları

Apply specific windows restrictions to users

With Easyuac, you can apply some Windows restrictions to any user. For example, you can apply dozens of rules such as not entering the d: drive, not entering the control panel, not being able to enter the task manager. Thus, you can prevent some users from changing or corrupting windows system settings.

Windows kısıtlamaları

Windows restrictions, especially in home users, can fix problems caused by children changing many settings in the operating system. In office workers, it is important to restrict drivers, especially in transactions such as information hijacking and espionage. Thanks to this feature, when some hardware such as flash disk or cd is attached to the PCs, serious measures are taken for security by ensuring that no operation can be performed. You can try all the features of the software for free for 14 days.

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