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Employee screen Monitoring

Watch your employees' screens live remotely
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Online computer monitoring (real-time staff monitoring software)

Real-time remote monitoring software provides the way to see what the employees are doing at the current moment, what websites they are visiting, what apps they are using. In accordance with the settings made, Easyuac computer surveillance software automatically generates alerts if certain employee violations occur.

Our exclusive offer: Easyuac workplace monitoring software is equipped with intuitive interface, named Quadrator for its multiple square cell appearance, which allows you to carry out multiple sessions of remote computer monitoring of an unlimited number of employees. You can group these sessions into lists, in accordance with specified parameters, and easily switch between these session lists. You can also set up different access level to Easyuac employee desktop monitoring tools for various users.

  • Online broadcast of employee desktop activity
  • Employee time-tracking
  • Employee negligence and violations detection

Employee time tracking (Unauthorized absence and lateness monitoring)

Easyuac Employee monitoring software offers a time-tracking tool which allows to monitor work hours of employees, or whole departments. Working overtime, lateness, early leaves, absenteeism, coffee breaks or smoke breaks, going out for a walk in the middle of the working day and other distractions from work duties are automatically recorded in employee time tracking reports and timesheets. These employee timesheet monitoring data are visualized in the form of graphs and diagrams.

Our exclusive offer: Easyuac’s simple and user-friendly interface will make it easy even for a novice user to handle this employee control software. Employee productivity monitoring reports are delivered right to your e-mail address to save your time.

  • Employee timesheet monitoring
  • Employee timesheet reporting
  • Employee work hours timekeeping
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Employee productivity analysis (Websites and applications user tracking)

Easyuac employee productivity monitoring software clearly shows the amount of time your employee dedicates to work duties vs. the amount of time wasted on personal matters or just idling. Social networks, messengers, online games, smoking breaks and other time killers will have no hide from Easyuac’s watchful eye.

Our exclusive offer: Easyuac employee tracking software enables user to make individual settings for every employee depending on their work duties. Integration with keylogger and screen tracking software gives a full overview and analysis of personnel activity; while employee productivity analysis reporting right to your e-mail box saves you a lot of time (you set the list of e-mail recipients and frequency of reporting up to your preference).

  • Employee productivity monitoring
  • Employee productivity analysis reporting
  • Employee productivity metrics

Employee computer screen recording (Desktop activity recording and logging)

Computer screen activity recording allows to see any and all employee computer activity at any given period of time. Applications opened and websites visited can be sorted by different parameters, which, together with integrated keystroke tracker, makes it fast and easy to search for a specific piece of employee desktop activity video. Our unique video compression algorithm and user-configurable video frame rate saves Server disc or cloud space.

Our exclusive offer: all the tools mentioned above are unique and exclusively presented in Easyuac monitoring software only.

  • Applications and websites filter
  • Settable storage time for staff desktop monitoring video files
  • Unique video compression algorithm
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