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Dealership conditions and application

Easyuac computer monitoring, monitoring and productivity analysis software is a software that is seriously needed and preferred by today's companies. Company owners and managers want to see and know what their employees are dealing with and what they spend their time with while on the PC. Because the biggest value of production in today's world is PRODUCTIVITY. Easyuac is a software that can instantly measure the productivity of employees on the PC by stepping in at this very moment. The software, which is very easy to install and use, can even be installed and used by someone with the simplest computer knowledge.

Easyuac reseller

Easyuac is a software that can generate valuable graphs and reports by analyzing efficiency from employee screens and usage habits due to its features. It is the work of 20 years of experience. It was created by Webaynet Software (Bülent Şeker), who was the developer and manufacturer of Netdadı and Netpatron products, after an R-D software process exceeding TL 2 million.

Required conditions for dealership activities:

Companies and individuals who want to take part in the sales and marketing of the Easyuac product must meet the following conditions.

  • First of all, it is necessary to have advanced knowledge of computer usage. (It is not because the software is difficult, it is healthier for people from the IT sector to sell.)
  • In order for the dealership to start, a purchase of 150 Pc is required within the first month.
  • When the dealer profit margin of the first 150 Pc purchase reaches the 150 Pc in the next sale, payments are made automatically on the Friday immediately following the second sale, provided that both are together. There is no quota afterwards.
  • We do not need any difficult conditions such as tax registration or number of employees. Anyone can work in the sale and marketing of our product.
  • All the support of our Easyuac product is provided by the entrepreneurs and coders of the product themselves. Our dealers have no responsibility for support in any way.
  • Since our product is a product that is sold with monthly or annual renewals, we are constantly working at our dealers to earn money from renewals, just like us.

We see people or organizations that want to work with us not as a dealer, but as a colleague and a team that makes a profit together, and we advance our work in this direction. Since we have a dealer registration system, we protect our dealers for their offers and promotions. For more detailed information about the dealership, or to ask questions, please contact us.


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