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Easyuac Disclaimer

Disclaimer is legally required

You must accept this Disclaimer before you can use the Easyuac software.

Our software is designed for you to monitor, restrict and manage desktop computers, notebooks and similar devices used by your children, employees or others. These devices must be your own or have appropriate permission to watch. In most countries, you must inform users of the device that they are being tracked by the law. You should check the laws of your country of residence.

All legal and social responsibilities arising from the use of the Easyuac product belong to the user, the person or institution that installs the devices and accepts the contract at the time of installation. Easyuac is committed to providing you with a safe, transparent service privately. When using the Easyuac product, you are fully responsible by law.

The Website is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. This website contains some links to third party websites, but these websites are not controlled by Easyuac. Easyuac takes all necessary precautions and regular checks regarding these sites and the links provided, but no guarantee can be given for the operations on other websites.