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Personnel productivity analysis software

You can see how efficiently users are doing things for you.
Personel verimlilik yazılımı

Personnel productivity analysis software providing fast information

Easyuac can instantly see the productivity of your personnel who need to work at the computer very quickly and easily. Thanks to the efficiency analysis, which is one of the features of Easyuac software, all the activities of the users during the day can be calculated with a special algorithm and create a full user analysis with 100% accuracy. The software can automatically calculate the waiting times when the personnel at the PC is not working or using the computers and can provide reports on this.

Employee Productivity analysis chart

In the century we live in, productivity is among the main factors that should be considered and planned the most in workplaces and companies. At this stage, Easyuac has been conducting R-D for more than 20 years in the field of tracking personnel working with PC and internet at the desk and has a structure that can fully detect employee productivity with the software it produces.

EasyUac productivity screens can provide very fast information for companies that have a large number of computers in order to understand the daily productivity of users very quickly. These screens can provide summary information about the most common applications and topics used by each user. You can test all the skills of our software for free for 14 days.

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