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Employee monitoring software Easyuac

With our cloud-based software, monitor and record personnel computers in any location from any location and device. You can test for 14 days free of charge without identifying any card information.

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Easyuac Remote PC monitoring program features

Live Screen viewing

With Easyuac, you can watch the screens of all PCs live from anywhere and any device.

Screen Recording

You can record the screens of all PCs at any time you want. You can watch recordings even when the pc is turned off.

Mobile compatible design

Thanks to its mobile-friendly design, you can follow and watch the whole system from any mobile phone.

Unlimited sub-user identification

You can divide your company into departments and authorize any person you wish. Team leaders can only see PCs defined to them.

Activity records

All activities performed by users on the PC are recorded and how much time they spend at which activity is determined according to the timetable.

Productivity reports

Determine which activities of the users will be efficient or inefficient. So you can determine how efficient it is for you throughout the day.

Most used application report

You can easily see which programs users have used in which time interval and for how long

Website restrictions

You can restrict the sites you don't want users to enter. Or you can decide at what times they can enter.

Windows restrictions

On user PCs you can restrict drivers or prevent them from entering the control panel.

Remote Desktop monitoring

You can watch desktop live wherever the computer you are watching is, as you wish, from any device and place.

Grouping and Management

If you have many computers, you can divide these PCs into groups and assign separate administrators to each group.

Turning off Critical Screens

If you do not want to see the critical screens of the administrators on the monitored PCs, you can block the screens by freezing.

Easyuac operating logic

Pc Monitoring and tracking

Easyuac; Best Employee Monitoring Software

Employee Monitoring

Gain full visibility and control over your employees' computer activities — secure your data and increase overall productivity. Easyuac shows you exactly how your employees are using the computer and Internet in full detail allowing you to identify and resolve issues before they become problems. Block access to social media, news, stock, and other websites. Block access to applications, games, and chat messengers. Knowing how your employees use their computers allows you to eliminate inappropriate usage and other time wasting activities.

Employee Monitoring

Time Management

Create weekly schedules that define when your employees can use the computer — ensure that everything they do is during 'working' hours. Easily monitor all the computers in your organization, and your employees, from one central location. Your secure web-based account is accessible from any internet-enabled device giving you access at any time no matter where you may be. With Easyuac's real-time operation you can view activities as they happen as well as change settings instantly.

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PC tracking software

Why do you need automatic time tracking. Easyuac software is a powerful tool to automate employee time tracking processes for small, medium and large businesses. Implementing Easyuac in your company will help you ease the burden on your top management and make time tracking as transparent, accurate and unbiased as possible. Easyuac is a powerful solution for automatic staff time tracking, calculating the hours your employees spent working and compiling time sheets. The program can automatically track your employees’ working hours, analyze their productivity, monitor and capture activities on their computers in the real time and record violations of work schedules.

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