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Monitor your free employees for 14 days

With Easyuac free employee monitoring software, you can monitor live whether PCs are on your own network or not. With Easyuac, you can watch all screens of your employees working in the field or working from home from anywhere and any device. You can use all its features free of charge for 14 days. Track your employees from anywhere and any device with Easyuac Computer tracking software.

Easyuac is a new generation personnel control and supervision system. Its most important function is to include all control and follow-up functions. It has a serious software in order to monitor employees' computers and to detect all violations instantly. In its free version, it has the feature of controlling more personnel at the same time than its competitors. In addition, with the free version, you have the opportunity to monitor and control as many personnel computers as you want for 2 weeks.

Features you can use in the free version

  • Online monitoring of employees' computers (multi-user capability, ability to watch live screens simultaneously)
  • Staff work hours and productivity analysis: active working hours calculation, productivity analysis, active times, productivity ratings, frequently used applications rating, intraday details.
  • Possibility to track up to 10 computers in the free version

Easyuac Employee Activity Monitor

Quietly monitor employees' computer activities, improve employee productivity, protect corporate confidential information.

As a business owner or a manager, you suspect that company confidential information is leaking from your company but you don't know when and who it is? Do your employees use company computers to engage in sexual, online casinos, child pornography, gaming or racial friends harassment, or other inappropriate or illegal activities? Think the employee has a lack of computer activity control? The employee can easily leak confidential information via email, IM software, or just a removable disk. Have you ever dreamed of a software tool to monitor real time employee's online, offline computer activities?

Protect your valuable corporate data, prevent potential internal threats

From a USB drive, you can see who is doing copying laptop data, tracking email / webmail, sending attachments and emails when. Track every print job, chat details, and easily find which employee has been fraudulent.

Avoid loss of efficiency

During working hours, employees are always chatting, watching movies, playing games, and running other non-work programs, which not only results in a serious productivity loss, but also significantly slows down the internet. It is necessary to limit some uses with this software on this work computer. Easyuac can help with adding filters to block apps, websites during a specified time.

With Easyuac, a comprehensive employee activity monitoring software, your fear will end. This will limit their misconduct and when any misconduct occurs, the logs recorded can be used as evidentiary evidence and you will be able to identify potential malice. Easyuac helps prevent data leaks and increase efficiency.

It is possible to watch the Easyuac computers live and at the same time, these images are recorded in real time and in the cloud system (every 90 seconds). You can access past image records from any device and location whenever you want.

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Since Easyuac is a cloud-based software, you can easily watch the screens live from any browser-equipped pc, tablet or mobile phone.

We believe in empowering team productivity

We uncover insights into HOW employees and teams work so you can understand:

  • Where do they spend their time?
  • What bottlenecks are in their way?
  • Who are top performers and what success patterns are repeatable?
  • Are they aligned with their roles?
  • What are their distractions?
  • What is their level of engagement?
  • Who might be on the verge of burnout?

With deep data analytics, Easyuac gives you the answers you need to help your workforce and your business be successful and provides the workflow to make it happen.

Analyze workforce productivity

Get a clear picture of how work gets done. Leverage data insights to analyze where time is spent and how to improve less productive behaviors to drive business.

  • Get a clear picture of how work gets done.
  • Understand how employees utilize their time.
  • Remove wasteful practices and distracting environments.
  • Analyze productive behaviors to establish a top performing baseline.
  • Leverage productivity insights to help drive more business.

Effectively manage your remote workforce

Monitor employee activity including working hours, engagement, and productivity behaviors of remote workers.

  • Get visibility into how remote employees utilize their time.
  • Resolve workflow bottlenecks in operational systems.
  • Discover productivity insights across dispersed teams.
  • Analyze activity and behavior to ensure accountability.
  • Uncover compliance and security gaps from offsite access.
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Track and analyze trends with workforce analytics

Analyze insights in context so you can optimize workforce behaviors and take action on the findings to enhance productivity, business processes and the overall employee experience.

  • Measure productivity benchmarks across teams.
  • Learn workload patterns to identify misaligned skill sets.
  • Get data insights on dispersed teams’ collaboration behavior.
  • Generate reports with pre-built dashboards for Power BI and Tableau.
  • Integrate activity data with other business data sources (e.g. CRM, EPM, SIEM, etc.).

Employee monitoring and activity analytics

Get an accurate picture of each employee’s performance and intent. Make informed management decisions and eliminate uncertainty about suspected behavior.

  • Uncover workflow bottlenecks and poor operational processes.
  • Ensure employee privacy with data collected.
  • Discover team workload discrepancies and redistribution opportunities.
  • Reduce costs with better visibility of application usage.

Analyze and optimize operational efficiency

Understand employee workflows, discover bottlenecks and poor organizational structures to better streamline operations.

  • Data with context provides the real picture of how work gets done.
  • Establish operational baselines that accurately reflect the business.
  • Understand employee utilization of time and make needed adjustments.
  • Uncover root cause of spikes in workload.

Ensure data privacy and compliance

Uncover compliance gaps, ensure sensitive data privacy, and quickly respond to audits with deep-dive compliance reporting generated with a few clicks.

  • Identify patterns of mishandling PII data and make adjustments.
  • Use data insights to quickly detect and review high risk activities.
  • Uncover compliance and security gaps from offsite access.
  • Remove wasteful practices and distracting environments.
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Managers should have regular check-ins about goals and progress, just like any other critical KPI. For example, goals could include a 10 percent increase in sales, a 10 percent satisfaction in support and 5 percent less time spent on entertainment websites.

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