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Screen recording software

Watch screens remotely from anywhere and any device
Uzaktan canlı bilgisayar izleme yazılımı

Recording and monitoring of remote pc screens

With the Easyuac screen tracking program, you can monitor and track PCs live whether they are on your own network or not. With Easyuac, you can watch all screens of your employees working in the field or working from home from anywhere and any device. As the screens can be watched live, these images are also recorded and stored on both PC and cloud servers (every 90 seconds). You can review and export the records of past screens at any time. Screen recordings stored on PC and cloud servers are fully encrypted and stored securely.

Since Easyuac is a cloud-based software, you can easily watch the screens live from any browser-equipped pc, tablet or mobile phone. You can try all the features of the software free of charge for 14 days on as many computers as you wish. In addition, thanks to its responsive (mobile compatible) interface, you can easily perform all transactions from your mobile phone or tablet.

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