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Employee Productivity Analytics and Monitoring

Find out how efficient your employees are doing for you.
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Find out the efficiency of your employees easily

Easyuac for Workforce Productivity Measurement & Monitoring (Learn patterns of employee productivity and optimize workflows.)

The Challenge: How to Analyze and Improve Employee Productivity

Monitoring and measuring employee productivity across teams can be a difficult proposition. With factors such as operating processes and different job roles adding to the complexity, what may be productive to one team may not be for others. Additionally, what constitutes productivity and what do you measure?

  • Is it the amount of time spent on calls with customers?
  • Is it a project completed on time?
  • Is it time spent on action items in meetings?
  • Is it the number of emails going back and forth in a day?
  • Is it time spent in specific software applications?
  • Are all of the software applications used even productive?

These are the kind of questions many organizations ask themselves. Yet monitoring, measuring and analyzing workforce productivity has been quite the challenge. Often there is no real track record to know what a productive employee even looks like, much less how to measure productive behavior.

Workforce Productivity

The Solution: Easyuac – Visibility and Analysis of Workforce Productivity

Easyuac collects user activity data and insights in context so you can understand productivity behavior, analyze the findings and plan how to design your teams for better business outcomes in the future.


  • Understand how employees utilize their time.
  • Leverage productivity reports to find the right workload balance.
  • Analyze top-performing behaviors & create a productivity baseline.
  • Use data insights to coach employees and improve performance.
  • Share productivity data with teams to drive engagement.
  • Uncover inefficient operational workflows and poor processes.

How can Easyuac help manage remote workers?

Measure Employee Productivity

Productivity Measurement begins with the collection and analysis of activity data. Easyuac collects data and assigns a “Productive” and “Unproductive” label to common applications and websites used by employees. These productivity values have colors that are easily visible on reports and the dashboard.

  • View a daily summary of employee and team productivity at-a-glance with Team Pulse.
  • View Top Users productivity % and hours worked that day for each employee.
  • Productivity pie charts show productive and unproductive activities for quick review.
  • Understand tools employees use most by categories such as messaging, email, meetings, etc.
  • Drill-down into reports for additional details and analysis on top users, categories, applications and productivity.
  • Identify frequently used unproductive apps or websites and set usage limits.
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