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Remote desktop monitoring software

Watch the remote desktop from anywhere and any device
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Remotely monitor and monitor all your PCs

With Easyuac remote desktop monitoring software, you can monitor and track any PC whether it is on your network or not. Thanks to its cloud-based and responsive (mobile compatible) interface, you can easily monitor and track from anywhere and any device. In addition, thanks to its dozens of features, you can restart your remote computers from your mobile phone and turn them off completely if they are left open. You can instantly watch and record all screenshots and activity records of the computer. You can watch historical screen recordings and quickly access a lot of information about the user's computer usage habits. Easyuac has a structure that can transfer images without being attached to any firewall device or software.

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Since Easyuac is a cloud-based software, you can easily watch the screens live from any browser-equipped pc, tablet or mobile phone. You can try all the features of the software for 14 days at no cost.

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