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Computer monitoring and tracking software for businesses

Remotely monitor and manage all PCs in your business.
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Remotely monitor and track your business.

Easyuac Computer monitoring and tracking software for Business can be monitored from anywhere, thanks to the agent software that runs silently on all your PCs. Small and medium-sized businesses need software such as Easyuac to know the productivity of the personnel working on the pc. Easyuac is installed on employees' PCs and provides the manager with the monitoring of live screens and data on what the employee is doing on the pc. Thanks to our software that provides live screen monitoring on employee PCs, all employees have full insight into what they do during the day. In addition, what employees are more interested in on the pc With this software, you can see if they do their job and how they spend their time.

Productivity is a very important factor in businesses. Normally, a job that can be done with 5 people can be done with an inefficient structuring and difficult with 10 or even 15 people. This is where easyuac comes in and provides you with ideas on how to do the work most efficiently with how many people in total. Easyuac provides very detailed activity reports on what the employee is doing on the pc during the day. It provides detailed information about what kind of activities employees do on matters related to their jobs, or how much time they spend outside of work on social media, shopping, entertainment and gambling sites. With the efficiency indicators available only in Easyuac, you can instantly see how efficiently an employee works for your business during the day and have an idea.

Computer monitoring and tracking software for businesses

A person cannot be expected to perform applications and processes related to their continuous work, such as robots, even if the employee is. Of course, your employees will want to keep their motivation high by taking a break from time to time. But, unfortunately, sometimes the scale runs off and you get caught up in the fun world of the internet and time passes like water. The employee can cause huge financial losses to the business without realizing it. The efficiency of your business is directly proportional to how efficiently you can use your employees.

Since Easyuac is a cloud-based software, you can easily watch the screens live from any browser-equipped pc, tablet or mobile phone. You can try all the features of the software for free for 14 days.

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