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The Best Employee Monitoring Software of 2020

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The best and easiest Computer tracking software

The best employee monitoring software can enhance productivity and security. Employee monitoring software may conjure up negative images, but while previously it may have been used to control which websites were accessible from work - ie, to stop employees spending their shift idling time on Facebook or online games - these days monitoring is more about security. This is especially as these days most data and security breaches occur within a company rather than due to hackers. These breaches could be caused by anything from users forgetting to employ appropriate settings, to a user visiting a website infected with malware, to malicious activity by disgruntled employees.

best and easiest Computer tracking software

So while some employee monitoring software is still used for time tracking and efficiency management, others work more like network monitoring tools by focusing on general activity in the IT network and looking for patterns that might suggest a security threat. This often means using artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect threats. Additionally, because data loss through misplaced devices such as laptops is an increasing concern, some monitoring software specifically looks to remotely lock down and wipe the drives of any devices that can no longer be accounted for, in order to prevent data from the missing device being exposed and misused.

Whichever type of employee monitoring software you're looking for, here we'll feature a strong cross-section of the best on the market, according to your business needs.

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