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Screen monitoring software

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Screen monitoring software


Easyuac client can watch on all computer live screen in Full HD quality. You can get the full control and management mechanism by displaying the computers in your company's branches or branches on the same live screen. It is also possible to use it from any device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) over the internet. The monitoring of computers is done in secret and in real time (live screen). The user does not notice in any way that he or she is monitored on the computer live screen. Easyuac provides you to track application and web usage on your workstations on live screen.

With Easyuac live screen in your hand, you see every single action, activity your employee makes. And by live screen we mean really live screen. Please just register a demo account to see the live screen in action with your own eyes.

screen monitoring software

What it does to watching screens

First of all, watching the screens of the employees remotely must be done with serious software. This software should both work secretly and should not leave the computer in a difficult situation in terms of system resources.

  • You will have information about what the employee is doing on the computer at that moment,
  • It is possible to see live whether the employee is performing an efficient or inefficient operation on the screen,
  • Of course, live men allow you to intervene quickly in some negative events,
  • It allows you to instantly detect and respond to data theft.

Being able to monitor the screens of the computers remotely makes your hand strong and causes a positive pressure on the employees. This allows many jobs to be managed with a faster and more efficient process. With Easyuac, you can have all these advantages by quickly and easily remotely monitoring all screens of your employees.

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