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User productivity indicators

You can see how efficiently users are doing things for you
Kullanıcı verimlilik göstergeleri

User productivity screens providing quick information

Easyuac With Easyuac you can quickly and easily see how productive all users can be for you during the day, week and month. In this feature, easyuac detects which of the daily activities of the users is efficient and which is inefficient according to the rules you define and generates the reports accordingly.

User productivity screens can easily determine how productive your employees spend for you.

Productivity screens

With fast efficiency indicators, you can instantly determine which user is doing efficient work for you at which times. You can quickly see how much of the time the user has used during the day or during the week with productive jobs, how much he has spent on unproductive jobs. In addition, you can easily see these times with Easyuac, which allows the time to be calculated when the user is not at the pc. You can test our product free of charge for 14 days with all its features.

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