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User activity records

Record all activities of users during the day
Kullanıcı aktivite kayıtları ve raporlamalari

Activity records and reporting

With Easyuac, all activities of all users during the day are detected and recorded. Whatever operation the user does on the PC, Easyuac instantly stores both screen recording and activity record and prepares it for you. You can see the details of what the users are doing from any place and device you want. You can easily define which user operations are efficient or inefficient for you and create useful reports for you. For example; You can instantly see how much time a user spends on the facebook site during the day. You can quickly and easily define which activity or application is or is not efficient for you.

Bilgisayar aktivite kayıtları

Since all other data such as screenshots and activity records recorded by Easyuac can be stored in the cloud, they can be accessed, monitored and reported even when PCs are turned off. You can test all the features of our software for 14 days free of charge on as many computers as you wish.

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