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Another Computer monitoring and tracking software

Watch PC screens remotely from anywhere and any device
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Monitoring and tracking PCs located elsewhere

With Easyuac other computer monitoring and monitoring software, you can monitor live whether the PCs are on your own network or not. With Easyuac, you can watch all screens of your employees working in the field or working from home from anywhere and any device. With this software, you can watch and record the screens of your company employees and your children at home. In the monitored PCs, no warning is given for the user and the software records the screens completely hidden. Even if it is detected by the user, the software can only be removed remotely and by you.

Why are these softwares needed

  • You may want to know exactly what employees in your business are doing on their pc.
  • You may want to ensure the security of data that has a lot of secret information.
  • You may want to prevent computer operating systems from falling into error due to misuse.
  • You have employees outside of the office and you may want to examine their productivity.
  • You are a father and you may want to know what your children are doing on the computer while you are at work.
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Since Easyuac is a cloud-based software, you can easily watch the screens live from any browser-equipped pc, tablet or mobile phone. You can try all the features of the software for free for 14 days.

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